This iconic American brand allows women everywhere to express themselves in color, thanks to shades named each more fanciful than the next. With their unequaled professional quality, Essie’s nail polish have become the reference for celebrities and women all around the world.


Essie polish brand offers an ever-growing set of more than 250 colors ! It stands out as essential to every manicure. The award-winning Essie formula, best known for its «anti-flaking» properties, offers perfect coverage and long-lasting staying power. Endearing, fancy and unforgettable names are given to every shade to express its extraordinary personnality and unique color. The dynamic, passionate and 100% commited womand behind the brand ? Essie Weingarten, founder and now creative director for Essie.

«  Essie isn’t just a brand, nor is it only nail polish says Essie Weingarten. I’m obsessed by fingernails since I’m 3 years old, and this obsession grows every day ! I naturally decided to dedicate my career on creating the perfect manicure, so that women from all over the world could have faultless hands. My nail polishes are like bonds with women, and thanks to the growth in the cares and the color palette, these bonds get stronger. »

It goes without saying that a perfect color starts with well cared fingernails. Care is essential for healthy and beautiful nails. Essie brings nourishing foundations, shiny and fast-drying top coats as well as other exclusive formulas that enrich, correct, protect and strenghten nails for a perfect result.

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